Producer of technical sports socks: trekking, ski, running and other sports – Discover the performances of TRS technical socks

Calze tecniche per lo sport
TRS International: calze tecniche

The web project for TRS international,
producer of sports socks

Creation of the web site, positioning on engines and advertising
campaign by IT'S Informatica & Comunicazione

  Agenzia di comunicazione a Brescia
IT’S Informatica
& Comunicazione

Via Della Volta, 183
25124 - Brescia
Tel. 030 3533514
Fax 030 3546540

Creation of the web site
Presentation of TRS International and launch on the site of its sports socks.

Positioning of search engines
Positioning on main search engines of web advertising for the most important
key words.

Advertising campaign on sector magazines
ADV and advertising on magazines dedicated to sports for launching
the sports socks lines